Mistress of the Dancing Bones

Available late 2012 - Read Excerpt

Blood is currency in the Avenesse Empire, and Ashia Boucher's dragon-tainted blood is more valuable and dangerous than any. Centuries ago, the invading undead legions of the Deathlords forced mortals and vampires of Avenesse to join together under the Code Sanguine, exchanging mortal blood for vampiric protection. Now the Code Sanguine is nearly forgotten and few other than House Boucher respect the Deathlords' threat. Though her vampiric father Marcel shelters her from the cruel realities of the modern Empire, Ashia yearns for independence. Her burning desire to explore her forbidden necromantic talents attracts the attention of the witch hunter Crispin Dusang and embroils her in the treacherous political web of House Boucher's many enemies. Will Ashia  overcome the deadly attention of the vampiric aristocracy or is she doomed to unleash an ancient power that will threaten all of Avenesse?

Mistress of the Dragon's Blood

Available early 2013

Mistress of the Midnight Sky

Available ?

War Boys

Available ?

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